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Affordable Care Act Confusing and Costly to Local Businesses and Universities

The Affordable Care Act is proving to be challenging to understand. ACU says that the Affordable Care Act will cost them over $200,000 extra next year.
The Affordable Care Act is proving to be a challenge for some local business owners. Paige Watts, owner of Knight Carpet and Flooring explained that it is difficult for him to budget for next year when it is so uncertain as to how much the new healthcare mandate will cost him.

He has owned Knight Carpet and Flooring for eighteen years and says that he would not feel comfortable not offering healthcare to his employees, but he is ready to know what his overhead costs will total up to.

ACU reported that the Affordable Care Act will cost them an extra $204,000 dollars come 2014. Chief Human Resource Officer, Wendy Jones, explains that the additional cost comes from two separate fees.

Although the cost is not detrimental to the university, Jones explains that it does limit what kinds of coverage they can offer to the faculty and staff.

Despite recent website woes, President Obama is assuring Americans that the sign up process should be as painless as possible.



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