AHS Football: Steve Warren Conversation

AHS Football: Steve Warren Conversation

BCH Sports David Robinett talks to Abilene High head coach Steve Warren about his team's opener.
David Robinett said, "Coach Warren, it's football time. This is the time everybody looks forward to. We're tired of practice. We're tired practicing for nothing, as far games are concerned. Now we are getting ready for a game. Who happy are you and how happy are the players?"

Abilene High head coach Steve Warren said, "It's always an exciting time of the year. It always is.  All the hard work you did back in January all starts to come to fruition right now. You get to get out there in front of your momma and your daddy and all your friends and play at Shotwell. It's an exciting deal for these kids. We're excited, as well."

Robinett said, "You have a really young team this year. Talk about having so many juniors on the roster to start the season."

Coach Warren said,  "That's just one of those things that happens if you have a pretty senior laden program. From year's past, this has happened a lot to us. We got to break them in quick. They've gotten a lot of repetitions. The only thing they haven't done is play on Friday night. A lot of these kids have had significant roles as back ups, played on some special teams, played in the playoffs. We've got to get them out there as a group, as a team, to see how they react to all the things surrounding them on Friday nights."

Robinett said, "Do you think those older guys can lead that and help them get used to it quicker?"

Coach Warren said, "I don't think there is any doubt about that David. There's a good leadership quality on this team. We've got great captains. Guys that have been there for a long time who can turn to them and say, 'look, calm down and you'll be fine. It's just a game. Get out there and do what we've been coached to do, and we will be fine.'"
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