APD: Son Punches Mother in Chest, Flees Police

APD: Son Punches Mother in Chest, Flees Police

A mother calls police after being attacked by her son, and police arrive, giving chase on foot.

Tuesday afternoon at about 1:10 p.m., Officer John Lopez contacted a motorist in the 1200 block of Grape Street for a traffic violation; expired registration. Officer Lopez contacted the male driver and he asked for the driver’s license and proof of insurance. The driver advised Officer Lopez that he had lost his driver’s license and that he could not produce proof of insurance. The driver identified himself by a name and date of birth. A records check could not verify the information provided. Officer Lopez reported that the driver kept saying that his relative worked for the police. Eventually, the driver’s real name and date of birth were revealed and a records check confirmed that the driver had three outstanding municipal arrest warrants. The driver was arrested for the warrants and for the following misdemeanor offenses: Failure to Identify and Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility (no insurance).

Tuesday night at about 7:25 p.m., Officers Ed Cutbirth and Chris Volirakis responded to a disturbance at a residence in the 3000 block of Cherry Bark. APD dispatch had been notified by a female alleging her son was hitting her. A description of the male subject was provided to Patrol Division. The male subject was last seen leaving the residence on-foot. A few minutes later, Officer Cutbirth spotted the subject running down a street. Officer Cutbirth activated his emergency lights and attempted to contact the subject by commanding the subject to stop and identifying himself as a police officer. The subject failed to obey Officer Cutbirth’s commands. The subject evaded police for approximately 20 minutes before being placed into custody in the vicinity of the 3200 block of Chimney Circle. The investigation revealed that the subject was a juvenile teenager. The subject and his mother were involved in a verbal altercation and during the course of the altercation, the subject struck his mother in her chest. The mother refused medical attention at the scene and wanted to press charges. The juvenile subject was placed into custody and taken to the Juvenile Detention Center for the following offenses, both misdemeanors: Assault (family violence) and Evading Arrest.

Tuesday night at about 7:30 p.m., Officers Darrin Ruiz and David Cox responded to an assault call at a residence in the 800 block of T&P Lane. APD dispatch had been contacted by a female alleging she had been assaulted by her husband. When officers arrived, they found the alleged male suspect outside the home. Officer Ruiz contacted the female victim inside the residence and his investigation revealed that she had visible marks on her face and arms from the alleged assault. The victim also stated she had been shoved into a cabinet during the altercation. The suspect was arrested for misdemeanor Assault (family violence). An emergency protective order was requested.


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