BCH Sports Top 5 Plays Of The Year

BCH Sports Top 5 Plays Of The Year

Baird, Eastland, Abilene High, and Cooper deliver the top plays of the 2011 high school football season.
Baird, Eastland, Abilene High, and Cooper deliver the top plays of the 2011 high school football season.

Baird first with Top Play #5. The Bears trailing the Ranger Bulldogs in the 4th quarter by 6 points. How about a hook and lateral, the ole hitch and pitch. Garrett Kirkland takes the pitch, and he is gone. The touchdown gives Baird the lead, and the Bears go on to win their only game of the season.

To Shotwell Stadium for Top Play #4. Abilene High and Cooper playing. Paxton grayer goes left and the Cougars are waiting for him. No worries. Grayer weaves his way around the Cooper defense and scores from 21 yards out. Grayer ran for almost 16-hundred yards and 24 touchdowns on the season. but none were as good as this one against Cooper in the Crosstown Showdown. Head coach Steve Warren said about Grayer, "There's a lot of times where you just go, 'Wow!'. There's guys that missed him twice in the course of one play."

The rest of the top plays come in the playoffs. Top Play #3. Eastland trailing Wall with 1:30 to go in the 4th. BCH Sports MVP Trent Brittain keeps the ball and scores to pull Eastland to within 1 point. The extra point would tie. That's not good enough for Eastland. The Mavericks line up in the Swinging Gate and Brittain dives in for the game winning 2 point conversion. Eastland wins, 15-14.

Back to the Abilene High Eagles for Top Play #2. This time the defense and "The Stand." The Eagles in front, 25-22 in the 4th. Mansfield has a 1st and goal against the Eagles. The 1st play gains 5 yards for the Tigers. 2nd down, the Eagles' Black Shirts stand up. A 4-yard loss pushes Mansfield back. Less than a minute to go now, 3rd down, Mansfield tries to run the ball again. Nothing doing. It's 4th down, 1 more stop and the Eagles win it. The pass is too high and too hard. The Eagles defense holds, and they win the game, 25 to 20. After the game, Coach Warren said, "Sometimes it comes down to the last play, and it did tonight. We made the play when we needed to."

The Cooper Cougars playing Arlington Lamar in a great game at Cowboys Stadium. Arlington Lamar scored to take a 3-point lead with just over a minute to go in the game. Cooper comes back. They converted a 4th down play. And then Nicholas hit Lorenzo Joe on a deep ball to get the Cougars in position. Ball at the 22, 8 seconds to go, Nicholas goes back to Joe, and he makes the catch. A great catch on the last play of the game. Joe said, "We worked too hard to go all that way just to go down in the 1st round. I wasn't going to let that happen. After I caught that ball, man, it was, it felt like a dream." Cooper wins the game, 27-24, and that is the Big Country Sports Play of the Year.

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