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Blanket ISD Prepares for the New Year

Blanket ISD ready for a new school year after only three months ago being struck by a tornado.
        With the new school year approaching fast students are getting ready. But for Blanket ISD they are doing the finishing touch-ups on the construction that lasted all summer.

        Back on May 20th the school was struck by a tornado. No one at the school was injured and the buildings withheld the winds. But the tornado did rip off eleven new A/C units on top of the roofs to the gym, high school, and cafeteria. As the tornado passed the rain came which caused rain damage inside the buildings.

        But with construction happening around the clock over the summer the school has a new facade. All the factually and staff are excited for the new year since last year ended abruptly. The only building that won't be finished is the gymnasium which is scheduled to be completed in November; just in time for basketball season.
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