Breckenridge City Councilman Resigns

Breckenridge City Councilman Resigns

<font size="2"><p>More backlash from the "Wade Incident" we have been covering. </font></p>

More backlash from the "Wade Incident" we have been covering.

An off duty, Breckenridge police officer, who is now the Stephens County Sheriff, assaulted a female police officer late last year.

Some in the city still believe the closed investigation is a cover up, and for one city councilman, the incident was the last straw.

City councilman Harvey Green read a statement, resigned, and walked out of the meeting

He says he's been calling for the council to look more into the police department for a while.

Dashcam video of the altercation between Sheriff Elect Billy Wade and Breckenridge officer Jennifer Adams has only fueled his call for an investigation into the operations of the police department.

In a statement, the Breckenridge City Manager accused news agencies of unfair coverage of the incident. He also said there has been an investigation in the "Wade Incident" and he is satisfied with the outcome. But citizens were there to remind the city that not everybody is satisfied with the outcome.

No word on what will be done with the vacant seat in the city council now that Green has left his seat.

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