Brookesmith Protecting Their Students

Brookesmith Protecting Their Students

With school shooting happening more Brookemsith ISD isn't taking any chances to protect students.
After the sandy hook shooting it got many schools in Texas thinking about the safety of their students. With the scare of the unknown one big country school is not taking any chances...

Kimberly Sears went to Brookesmith to see how they will keep their students safe this year...

From the outside Brookesmith looks like any normal school. But one sign has been drawing quite a bit of attention.

But the mixed emotions from the public has not stopped the staff at Brookesmith from protecting the students at any costs. But only a select few will be carrying guns on them.

And those staff members were trained by local law enforcement. They also took the concealed handgun licensing class.  Plus the entire faculty learned how to respond if a shooter is on school property.

But the Sandy Hook incident wasn't the only reason. Since the location of the school is in a rural area, the response time for police is longer.

Other schools in the district are also in the middle of training their staff.

So safety is the top priority. In Brookesmith. I'm Kimberly Sears KTAB news.

The parents and students of Brookesmith are behind the idea fully. The faculty has received positive feedback from students and say they feel safer. About twenty other school districts have trained their staff to hold concealed handguns as well.
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