Brown County Good Samaritan Ministries Celebrates 20 Years of Service

Brown County Good Samaritan Ministries Celebrates 20 Years of Service

Good Samaritan Ministries in Brown County is celebrating 20 years of service.
Good Samaritan Ministries has been in the Brown County community for 20 years.

So what are they doing to celebrate?

Angelia Bostick, Executive Director of GSM, said they are doing several things, first and foremost of which is continuing to serve local families who are living in poverty through the ministry’s hunger ministries, providing limited financial resources and offering good, used clothing and household items at low prices through their clothing store.

Secondly, Bostick said the staff, volunteers and board members of Good Samaritan have been performing simple acts of kindness in the community to share some of the kindness and goodwill that has been extended to the organization over the past two decades.

“We know sometimes it seems like all we do is ask for money, even though that is a reality for a non-profit,” Bostick said. “But with the ‘SAK’d’ program, the idea was to go out into the community and do something nice for people without the hope of anything in return – to just show kindness.”

In addition to their regular service and giving back in kind and simple ways to the community, the staff at GSM has come up with a fundraising campaign they hope spans at least 1,000 families, the Commit 20:12 campaign.

“Commit 20:12 is a campaign that we hope will show the Brown County community that when we work together in the small things, we can make great things happen,” Bostick said.

The premise of the project is for local families to commit to give just $20 a month for 12 months. Bostick said they picked the 20 dollar amount in honor of their 20 years in service and because it is such a manageable amount for most families.

Twenty dollars is less than the cost of eating out for a family of four one time. It is less than the cost of a specialty coffee drink four or five mornings a month.

“The idea is that we can take such a small amount and combine it with another family’s small amount and do something big with it,” Bostick said. “The needs at GSM are increasing each month but the donations are currently down.”

Bostick said they recognize that the economy is still down and people are still hurting throughout the county. That’s why they wanted to do a campaign like this. While many people don’t have an extra $100 or more, most do have $20 they can spare to help feed, clothe and provide for basic physical needs.

“We’d like to see 1,000 families participate in the Commit 20:12 campaign,” Bostick said.

To participate, you may come by GSM and fill out a pledge card or go online to and sign up for a recurring payment through PayPal. Or you can arrange a recurring payment through your personal bank.

For more information about the program or about Good Samaritan Ministries in general, please call 643-2273.

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