CHS Football: Moebes Talks w/David Robinett

CHS Football: Moebes Talks w/David Robinett

David Robinett talks to Cooper head coach about the Cougars 7th straight playoff appearance.
David Robinett said, "Coach Moebes, it's playoff time. You are coming off an open week and headed right into the games that really count. How did that open week go?"

Cooper head coach Todd Moebes said, "It went good. I was proud of the way our guys attacked the week. We certainly we able to get some guys rested up. Really our whole football team (got rested). We've been playing for a long time. When you've played 10 games straight, it takes a toll on your body, so we were able to get some rest."

Robinett said, "Lorenzo(Joe) went into the open date with a broken hand and had surgery. Is the progress good? Do you think he's going to play?"

Coach Moebes said, "I sure hope so. We are going to continue to evaluate him day by day and hopefully he can get some more flexion in his fingers and swelling can go down a little bit. Hopefully, he can get used to handling the football with a hard cast on.

Robinett said, "I didn't realize ya'll are 77 yards from breaking the record for most rushing yards by a Cooper team, ever, and you are only 10 games into the season. To me that says a lot about this team."

Coach Moebes said, "It goes back to those guys up front. They've done a tremendous job, and I think our backs and our receivers have certainly contributed to that, as well. They have been able to block for each other and being unselfish. Everybody's getting an opportunity to carry the football, but when they are not, they're going out there and selling out for their brother that is carrying the football. I am very, very proud of all of those guys."

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