CHS Football: Robinett Talks w/ Todd Moebes

CHS Football: Robinett Talks w/ Todd Moebes

David Robinett talks to Todd Moebes as the Cougars are preparing for their 3rd round playoff game.
David Robinett said, "Coach Moebes, your team is one of the few teams that managed to play on Friday night. It was cold. It looked miserable, accept your guys stepped up and played 1 of their best games of the year."

Cooper head coach Todd Moebes said, "I am very, very proud of them. The conditions were certainly adverse. I think that's an understatement, but it certainly created some great memories for these guys, especially the way it ended. I think it's going to memories these guys are going to be able to talk about for the rest of the their lives."

Robinett said, "You set a rushing record in that weather, too. I think that's another thing people are going to be talking about. The field was in awful shape, and you guys still managed to rush for 435 yards."

Coach Moebes said, "I thought our guys did tremendous. Credit to them. Credit to our offensive staff that had a great game plan. You know, our guys just focused. Sometimes you get adverse situations, and you got to continue to focus on the little things. Although, that's what you're saying even in the most perfect of conditions, but it warrants you to make sure you know where you are stepping and keep your feet underneath you. Guys did a great job of blocking. We continued to focus on the little things."

Robinett said, "Most people don't like working on Thanksgiving Day, but for football coaches and players, it's a good thing."

Coach Moebes said, "It's something you look forward, too. We look forward to practicing out at Shotwell on Thanksgiving morning. It's gonna be exciting. You come up and practice, and you don't eat breakfast, and go burn some more calories to go eat the rest of the day. It's great. I am very, very proud of our seniors and the leadership that they've had and to be able make it to the 3rd round and have another opportunity for another football game." 

Cooper travels to Stephenville to play Cedar Hill on Saturday at 2 at Tarleton State University.

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