City of Abilene Works on Small Wind Turbine Zoning Plan

City of Abilene Works on Small Wind Turbine Zoning Plan

<br>The City of Abilene is moving closer to developing a plan allowing for small turbine's within city limits.

West Texas may very well be turning into the capital of wind power.

You don't have to drive far to see a wind turbine.

In fact, owning your own, may have even crossed your mind

"It's an option that our property owners are increasingly starting to see as something that's valuable," Said Ed Mcroy, Assistant Director of Planning and Development Services for the City of Abilene.

If you've ever considered owning a wind turbine in Abilene, you may have noticed that zoning rules don't apply to you.

In fact, right now they only apply to less than one percent of residents living in city limits.

"Even if they wanted to apply for them they wouldnt meet the standards just because we had a significant setback that was required by properties at one and a half times the height of the tower. Not many properties have that ability," Said Mcroy.

The city has spent months doing the research on how to change this, to make wind turbines more available for residents within city limits to own.


"Daily, people are interested in putting up some sort of renewable energy source on their homestead. So thats a regular call and a regular concern for the citizens of Abilene," Said Doug Maglio, a renewable energy specialist who works at Kesters Inverters in East Abilene. Kesters installs wind turbines to homes and businesses.

Maglio says the want is growing. City Planning and Development says they're ready to address the questions they've been studying in order to make it work for the city.

"Where generally speaking do you think these things should be located at...are they appropriate in residential areas are they appropriate in industrial areas, agricultural areas. These are the questions that we think we've got a pretty good handle, from the planning and zoning's perspective on at this point.

Right now the city is focused on addressing the issues and moving forward to stay ahead of a growing trend, before it blows right by

The Planning and Development Committee will meet on monday with zoning to hopefully take the next step in the process, which will be City Council.

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