Update: The City of Merkel Rescinds Boil Water Notice

Update: The City of Merkel Rescinds Boil Water Notice

The City of Merkel has rescinded a boil water notice.
10/14/13 Update

The city of Merkel has rescinded the boil water notice sent out last week after the removal of an out-of-date fire hydrant caused water pressure to dip below acceptable levels.

The issue has been corrected and anyone who receives water through the city of Merkel no longer has to boil their water prior to consumption.

Original Story

The City of Merkel has issued a boil water notice.

The city removed a defective fire hydrant for replacement and, due to the fact the hydrant was directly connected to the city's water main system, the removal caused the water pressure to drop below acceptable levels for a time.

As a precaution to make certain that no bacteria or other harmful elements have gathered in the water during this time, residents are asked to boil their water before consumption.

The city will notify the public when the boil water notice has been lifted.

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