City Stops Property Demolitions to Comply with State Supreme Court

City Stops Property Demolitions to Comply with State Supreme Court

The city of Abilene has put a halt on a common measure, because the Texas Supreme Court says it's infringing on some of your constitutional rights. <br>
There was a case out of Dallas recently, where a woman sued the city for demolishing her boarded up home.

The Texas Supreme Court later ruled that the city cannot be allowed to protect and revoke property rights.

Now Abilene has stopped demolishing properties to comply ... While Dallas tries to send the issue back to court.

Some Abilene residents feel the ruling is the right one.

"It's just like getting rid of a house that can be fixed or rented or used by somebody else," Says Robert Tijerina.

Tijerina has lived in Abilene for eleven years. In a quiet neighborhood, across the street from a rundown, condemned property. Right now that property will remain standing.

"There could be a safety threat to the neighborhood if a house is left standing longer than it should," Says Assistant City Attorney Kelley Messer.

The City of Abilene is no longer demolishing homes like these to comply with a ruling out of the Texas Supreme Court.

Despite the appearance of the home, Tijerina says he supports the decision.

"To me it's like just going up under you and taking your house away, regardless of it's condition," says Tijerina.

The city of Abilene says the decision, if not reversed, could have serious consequences.

It has now along with seventeen other cities, filed briefings in support of a re-hearing.

"We are now having to reassess how we handle dangerous structures so that we can limit potential liability to the city," Says Messer.

If the ruling stands, it could potentially  allow for those whose homes have previously been demolished, to seek compensation.

Right now there are 20 properties on the agenda for the Abilene Board of Building Standards meeting set to take place this Wednesday.

Owners of those properties will face decision on what happens next.
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