Coffee Club: A Master's Degree in Video Games?

Coffee Club: A Master's Degree in Video Games?

We're talking about a new degree offered by universities around the country-- video game studies!!
The world of academia is no longer turning their heads to the study of video games.

Many universities and colleges are taking video games to a whole new level, offering course work and degrees dedicated to the study.

According to a new report from the Entertainment Software Association, 385 higher learning institutions now offer either individual courses or full degrees in game design.

In fact, of the 385, 226 offer bachelor's degrees, 55 offer associate's degrees and 46 offer master's degrees.

Four universities even offer ph.D. Programs.

California is leading the way with the largest number of academic programs dedicated to video gaming.

Analysis says its an important way to increase professional literacy for students seeking work in the tech and entertainment industry.

What do you think of the video game major?

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