Coffee Club: An App to Prevent Texting and Driving

Coffee Club: An App to Prevent Texting and Driving

One state is now preventing the deadly combination of texting and driving with a different, yet high-tech new method.
There's a new smartphone app in the works that would block Iowa teenagers from texting while driving.

It uses GPS in the smartphone device to detect whether or not it's moving at a driving speed and when it does, it blocks the smartphone device from being used, so you can't receive incoming text messages or send out text messages.

Their next app will be released in February and will keep teens from looking at texts while driving.

The Iowa DOT will give the app free to all Iowa teens 14 to 17. 

They'll also make it available to other drivers at a minimal cost.

What do you think? Is this app a good idea to get teens off their phones while behind the wheel?

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