Coffee Club: Do You Prefer Merchandise Made in America?

Coffee Club: Do You Prefer Merchandise Made in America?

Do you care where your clothes or electronics are made? 'Made in America' is a phrase we could be hearing more these days.
Is it important to you that your clothes and electronics are made in America? Or do you care more about the price?

A new study says a growing number of manufacturers are moving overseas production back home.

Electronics are typically made outside the U.S. Same with clothes and toys.

A new study from Boston Consulting Group says 54% of big businesses plan to move, or are thinking about moving, some production from China to America.

That's up from 37% last year.

Google's Moto-X phone is assembled here in Texas. GE moved some refrigerator production back to the U.S.

Apple has done the same with its Mac computer.

21% of companies surveyed have already moved production or are planning to in the next two years--more than double what we heard last year.

They're making the move because product quality is higher, and it saves money to make the item in the same country where it's sold.

But the number one reason is labor costs--they're falling in the U.S., and rising in China.

What are your thoughts?

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