Coffee Club: How Often Do You Nap?

Coffee Club: How Often Do You Nap?

We're talking about naps. Are they really that healthy for you? It looks like adults need to take a cue from preschoolers on this one.
Just like giving preschoolers a chance to nap during the day improves their learning, napping for adults can also give that extra needed boost.

The study of 40 children enrolled in Massachusetts preschools looked at how they performed on a test similar to the game "memory" -- on days they had a nap and on days they went without sleep.

They found people remembered more items on the days they took a nap, compared to when they didn't. The sleep benefit extended until the next day.

They say having sleep occur in close proximity to the time  spent learning appears to help people retain more information.

How often do you nap? Is there such a thing as the "perfect" nap time?

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