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Coffee Club: Should Blind People Be Allowed to Get Their Concealed Carry?

Do you think anyone who meets the legal requirements should be able to carry a firearm? What if they're blind? That very topic is stirring up some controversy a few states away.
You might think safely shooting a gun would require being able to clearly see your target.

But in Iowa, having a visual impairment does not prevent a resident from getting a gun permit.

Iowa is a "shall issue" state--that means all sheriff's offices must issue a gun permit to anyone who meets the state standard.

Some suggest keeping guns out of the hands of people who can't see is a violation of their Constitutional rights.

But even some advocates for the blind suggest arming those who can't see their target is risky.

Do you think blind people should be able to obtain their concealed carry license? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page and you could be featured on Abilene Midday at 11:30!
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