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Coffee Club: Should Coca-Cola Face Disciplinary Action for Offensive Bottle?

A controversial case comes out of Canada today. Coca-Cola is under fire after an offensive word was printed on one of its bottles.
One father is shocked after his daughter opened a Vitamin Water and found an offensive message on the cap. Now, Coca-Cola, the manufacturer, is apologizing.

Doug Loates's daughter in Canada opened up a bottle of Vitamin Water to find "you retard," written on the inside of the lid.

She texted her dad in Tacoma, Washington, the picture.

Her father was outraged and found it very offensive. Doug's other daughter, 11-year-old  Fiona, is living with cerebral palsy and autism.

Coca-Cola said the words printed under the caps were part of a promotional campaign in Canada, where a random English word was matched with a random French word.

In French, the word "retard" translates to late or delayed.

Doug said an executive from Coca-Cola called to personally apologize -- and promised to investigate the matter.

Do you think Coca-Cola should face disciplinary action for the incident?

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