Coffee Club: Should Smokers Pay the Price at Work?

Coffee Club: Should Smokers Pay the Price at Work?

Most employers don't allow cigarette breaks anymore, especially near the building. But now, a Denmark business is taking policy to the next level by deducting pay if employees take a smoke break.
Danish Telecom Company has introduced strict new rules on smoke breaks.

Under DTC's new rules, each cigarette break will cost workers 15 minutes of work time.

That means a worker who leaves the office to smoke will either have to stay 15 minutes longer, or accept a 15 minute reduction in pay or earned overtime.

One woman who smokes said it wasn't fair because it doesn't take 15 minutes to smoke a cigarette.

A man who smokes said non-smokers who mess around on their computers aren't penalized for the time.

Even some non smokers are concerned it could lead to tighter controls from the company, like rules dictating personal phone calls.

The company says it wants its employees to be healthy.

Do you think companies should implement this rule in the United States?

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