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Colten Kent Leading the Cisco Loboes

The Cisco Loboes have shot out to an 8-0 start this season.
The Cisco Loboes have shot out to an 8-0 start this season.

One reason for the great start is quarterback Colten Kent.

It's his first year as the starter, and he has taken full advantage of it.

Kent has led the Loboes with over 1,000 yards both on the ground and through the air and 29 total touchdowns.

Kent's strong play has impressed some people including his head coach.

Coach Brent West said, "He's caught on so quickly. He's extremely explosive. Obviously a great competitor, and he wants to find a way to get the job done, but I'm just so surprised at how quickly he's caught on to the most important position on your offensive part of the ball, and that's being that quarterback and leading that team, and all the situations that he's run in to he's found a way to get us out of and made great decisions so far."

Colten Kent said "Colton Gale taught me a lot last year throughout, and I've worked real hard on my passing game so I think that's really grown and my receivers have done a great job and my line's done a great job so I've had a lot of help from them."

The Loboes go on the road this week to take on the Colorado City Wolfs.

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