Cooper HS Student Arrested for Violence Threat; No Charges for AHS Prankster

Cooper HS Student Arrested for Violence Threat; No Charges for AHS Prankster

Abilene Police say Cooper student made threats towards others on Friday; No charges to be filed against student who made false shooting report at Abilene High on Thursday
A 16-year-old Cooper High School student was arrested Friday afternoon following threats the student allegedly made against others. Abilene Police say the student sent the threats via social media while he was on the school's campus. Police did not release the details of the threats, but they say there was never any real danger to the school. The juvenile suspect was taken to the Taylor County Juvenile Justice Center, and is charged with making a Terroristic Threat, which is a felony offense.

Also on Friday, Abilene Police Department spokesman George Spindler said criminal charges will not be filed against a student who is accused of making a false report of a shooting at Abilene High School on Thursday. Police say the youth is a special needs student, and the investigation revealed circumstances that led to the decision not to prosecute the student.

The complete news release from the Abilene Police Department follows:

ABILENE, TX – Early this afternoon, September 20, 2013, an incident occurred with an Abilene Independent School District (AISD) student involving the threat of violence towards others. This incident occurred while the student was on the premises of Cooper High School where the student is enrolled. The student’s threat was communicated via social media. The information concerning the threat was relayed directly to AISD officials, who in turn, communicated the threat to the School Resource Officer. This incident spurred an investigation that led authorities to the involved male juvenile, age 16. The investigation revealed that the nature of the threat was limited to a statement the student made and no other preparatory actions were involved. APD believes that at no time was there any substantive danger to the school.

This afternoon, the Cooper High student was placed in custody for felony Terroristic Threat and taken to the Juvenile Detention Center. This criminal case will be forwarded to the District Attorney’s office for their consideration of charges.

Yesterday our news release documented a false report of a shooting at Abilene High School and the involved juvenile student was identified during the investigation. The investigation revealed the juvenile involved is a special needs student. After conferring with the District Attorney’s office and based on the circumstances investigated, this student will not be prosecuted. Because this case involves a juvenile, no further information about the juvenile will be released.

Please note that APD is thankful to AISD, our media partners and to all those who assisted in the quick resolution to yesterday’s Abilene High School incident. Effective communication led to a successful resolution to yesterday’s incident and helped minimize the fear and anxiety associated with this type of false reporting.

In light of these incidents, it is very important to recommunicate to parents the need to discuss these issues with their children. APD encourages parents to instruct their children to never communicate threats of any type via social media, or otherwise, and to encourage their children to seek help when needed. School counselors and other school personnel stand in the gap to help students.

APD remains committed to the safety of our school campuses.

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