Cybernetix Brings Wide Range of Technology Services to Abilene

Cybernetix Brings Wide Range of Technology Services to Abilene

Sponsored: With technology becoming an increasingly important part of our daily lives, it is necessary to make sure it is cared for by knowledgeable and reliable people. <br><br><br>

With the continued convenience of smart phones, laptops, and tablets, technology has become
more and more a part of our daily lives in terms of business, play, and daily activities. So, it is important to find knowledgeable people to provide for your technology with fast, affordable and reliable service.

Cybernetix is new to the Abilene area, opening in late September, and offers far more than simply computer services, but is a technology services company providing a wide range of repairs, maintenance, and creative services including:

Laptop Repair
PC Repair
Game Console Repair
iPhone Repair
Home Surveillance Systems
Voip Phone Systems
Web Design
Graphic Design

As a part of their commitment to dependable and affordable care, Cybernetix provides onsite repair as well.

Cybernetix offers $50 virus removal which includes, with the virus removal, disabling of unwanted startup programs, memory check, fix registry, and installation of a top rated free antivirus program.

Cybernetix is located at 725 South Leggett and may be contacted at 325-232-8660.

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