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Cyclists Ride Cross-Country To Raise Awareness For People With Disabilities

A group of cyclists stopped in the Key City today to raise awareness for people with disabilities.
A group of cyclists stopped in the Key City today to raise awareness for people with disabilities.
The group of college kids are part of Journey of Hope, which is sponsored by the philanthropy Push America.

These riders are from all over the country, in different chapters of Pi Kappa Phi.

It's a cross-country bike ride, but these fraternity brothers aren't just doing it for fun.

"You know, they're out there and people are asking 'Why are these guys biking? Where are they biking to? What are they doing?' In that, we draw them into a conversation about what we're doing," says Paul Webb, the Project Manager of Journey of Hope.

What they're doing is raising awareness about people with disabilities. Crockett Jurrius is a Brady native, TCU student and one of only three Texans on the trip.

Jurrius says, "For the past, 3-3 1/2 years, I've been able to work with kids with disabilities and so this was a way to continue that and help kids with disabilities."

These boys don't just ride, but they spend time with disabled people in many of their stops.

"We really get to interact with a variety of different people and we really get to build our understanding of the world," says Webb.

Greg Kuhn is a recent graduate of Virginia Tech. He says his there's a huge Push America following at his alma mater, and that's how he decided to get involved.

"It's been amazing so far," Kuhn says of his trip.

The trip started in Long Beach, California and will end in Washington DC. At the end of the ride, the group will have biked over 3,500 miles.

Jurrius says, "So far it's been great. It's been hot, to say the least. Windy today, but it's been awesome getting to impact all these people's lives."

"It's one of those experiences that, to really understand it, you really have to get out there and do it yourself," says Kuhn.
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