2014/2015 Fishing And Hunting Licenses Are Now Available

2014/2015 Fishing And Hunting Licenses Are Now Available

Many people's favorite season is approaching! Whether it be dove or deer hunting, or just fishing, be sure to follow proper procedures.
Texas fishing and hunting licenses are now available for the 2014-2015 season. While stores may not see an immediate rush in license sales today, there is always an increase in the days right before a new season opens.

Game Warden Roy Johnson said, "There may not be a whole lot of people go out then cause they gotta work but they're getting ready, they're getting their stuff ready, the want to make sure they got a license, so we'll have a lot of people come in".

When asking a local fisherman if he expected more activity on the lake he had this to say, "I don't know if it'll change any. I mean you're going to have people fish that always fish and you're going to have average boaters that always boat".

Local bait shops used to sell the licenses but have stopped due to costs, now it's the Texas Parks and Wildlife offices and bigger stores selling the licenses.

"We rely on the Walmarts, the Academy's, Bass Pro Shops, stuff like that, the bigger stores where they have more business come in on selling our licenses,'" say Johnson.

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