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A Special Tradition for One Brownwood Family

One Brownwood family makes serving others a Thanksgiving tradition.
Howard Payne University held it's 30th annual Community Thanksgiving feast this morning. People lined up early this morning for their Thanksgiving meal. There was long line of volunteers also there to help.

Every year people in the community and faculty at HPU help serve thanksgiving meals. They also box up the meals for other volunteers to deliver them. Families were able to make reservations at the Brownwood Chamber of Commerce if they wanted their meals delivered. About 400 families were registered. and a little more than 1,200 meals were delivered.

People were also able to come out and eat at the HPU's cafeteria. The event was open to anyone.

The director of food services at HPU believes Thanksgiving is about more than just food. Over the years there has always been more volunteers available than jobs. For some volunteers this has become a family tradition. 
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