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Abilene Dental: Give the Gift of a Whiter Smile!

Abilene Dental is selling gift certificates for a whiter smile!
        Abilene Dental is offering some great gift ideas for this holiday season. Teeth whitening gift certificates! They are offering 2 different types of whitening. The first type is done in the office and takes only a couple of hours. When the whitening is done you will leave the office 7 to 10 shades lighter! They also offer take-home whitening trays. The trays are only left in for approximately half an hour each day and after a few weeks you're teeth are 7 to 10 shades lighter! For those of you who have sensitive teeth, have no fear! The whitening agent used to brighten your smile have desensitizers built right into them! You can also call in to purchase them and have them mailed right to you if you can't make it into the office.
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