Abilene Doctors See More Youth Head Injuries

Abilene Doctors See More Youth Head Injuries

The nicer weather means more time spent outdoors for kids, and local doctors tend to see an increase in head injuries to accompany the change of season.
The sun is coming out and so are the kids.

"The weather is nice so it sort of lures kids outside to do more activities, plus summer sports are outside," says Dr. Christopher Eddleman, neurosurgeon at Hendrick Medical Center.

Dr. Eddleman says extra outside time wheels in a higher chance for certain injuries.

"From the ages of six to twelve, it's usually bicycle accidents, then sports injuries of course," explains Dr. Eddleman.

After a  hard bump to the noggin, not all kids show signs of serious injuries, so it's best to pay attention to odd behavior.

"Kids might complain of headaches, and [generally] kids do not complain of headaches, but when  you get to the age range when they're actually in school, a lot of kids can have trouble concentrating," Dr. Eddleman tells us.

So besides keeping your child in a plastic bubble, what can you do to keep your little ones safe?

"One thing parents need to keep in mind is that a lot of these head injuries are very preventable. What we think would be common sense should be paid more attention to in the summer, and that's seat belts and helmets when they're riding bikes," says Dr. Eddleman.

Mama always said to use your head, and Dr. Eddleman says that couldn't be more true than when the weather brings little ones outdoors for their next adventure.
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