Abilene Restaurants to Open After "Attitude Adjustment"

Abilene Restaurants to Open After "Attitude Adjustment"

Schlotzsky's owner closes store on Judge Ely due to lack of customer service, but plans to re-open December 9th.
The owner of the Schlotzsky's restaurants in Abilene closed the doors of his Judge Ely location for an "Attitude Adjustment".

Owner, John Herod noticed that there was a lack of customer service from his employees and he decided to make a change.

So last Wednesday, he posted a big black sign stating that they were "closed for an attitude adjustment".

Herod decided that it was best to let some of his employees go, but the others that got to keep their jobs were required to get re-trained.

He has also spent the week cleaning his restaurant from top to bottom.

Despite the sign on the front of the building saying they will re-open on December 4th, Herod will be hiring new employees for his grand re-opening that was pushed back to December 9th.

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