AHS Football: Warren's Conversation w/David Robinett

AHS Football: Warren's Conversation w/David Robinett

David Robinett talks to Abilene High head coach about his teams open date and their playoff chances in this week's conversation.
David Robinett said, "Coach Warren, you had your bye week, your open week, tell me what you got accomplished over the course of the last 7 days."

AHS head coach Steve Warren said, "We needed some rest. That was 10,11 straight weeks of football, so we were beat up a little bit. You need some mental rest , too. You need a little bit of a break, not just players, but coaches, as well. We feel good about what we accomplished. We had 3 really good practices, and you know, got in a little bit of the game plan for Midland High. We are excited about moving forward this week."

Robinett said, "You had a team that was on a roll, and then all of a sudden they stop. Was the rest more important that keeping that momentum going?"

Coach Warren said, "I guess we will see. I feel like we had good practices, so that momentum carried throughout the week. You just never know until you get out there and kick it off and play Friday night."

Robinett said, "There are 4 teams alive for 1 spot.You guys are 1 of them, and nobody controls their own destiny. It strikes me as odd that there are 4 teams and not a 1 of them controls their own destiny. How weird is this, and then how do you keep your players focused on what they have to do 1st."

Coach Warren said, "Strangest thing I have ever seen, David. I have never seen multiple teams scenario, like this, where no one has their own destiny in their own hands. All you can do, and you've heard me many, many times, say, 'We control the Eagles, and that's all we can do.' We certainly want to play really well in this last game for a lot of reasons. Mainly, to give a chance to play 1 more time. That's what we control, and that's what we are talking about, and that's what's got to be the main focus."

The Eagles finish the regular season on the road against Midland High. They need a win and a loss by Odessa Permian to Lubbock Coronado to get in the playoffs.

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