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Amber Lowery's Family Hopes To Find Home For Her Animals As They Wait For Results of Unidenitifed Remains

The family of Amber Lowery is looking for people to adopt the animals that are still in the missing mother's ranch. The Facebook page, Find Amber Lowery, posted Saturday afternoon that 35 animals are in need of a permanent home.

The human remains found on a ranch near missing Rising Star mother's home, Amber Lowery, is still undergoing process. After investigators found them, it became a possibility that Lowery might be dead.

As they wait for the DNA results, Lowery's family continues to update the public through the Facebook page, Find Amber Lowery. As of early Saturday, Megan Taylor Christensen, Amber's sister-in-law announced that she was responsible for creating the page. She also announced that they're looking for people willing to obtain the animals that are still in the ranch where Amber, her husband, and two children lived.

According to the message posted Saturday afternoon, the animals are needing a permanent home. There are 35 animals that include 20 turkeys, seven ducks, two geese, two adult Rottweilers, a cat, six kittens, Amber’s personal mare and a pony. If anyone is interested in adopting the animals to message the Facebook page or e-mail them at FindAmberLowery@hotmail.com.

Amber Lowery was last seen at her ranch near Rising Star Tuesday, July 23. Since then, her husband, Mike Lowery has been arrested and charged with murder.

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