APD Looking to Get New Moving Target System

APD Looking to Get New Moving Target System

The Abilene Police Department has recently applied for a grant that will allow their training division to replace an old moving target system.
The training facility that Abilene police use to sharpen their shooting skills could be getting a make-over.

Last week, the Abilene Police Department received approval from city council to apply for a statewide grant that would help them purchase and build a moving target system.

Their 30-year-old moving target system broke at the end of last year.

"It was homemade but it worked," says Training Director Lt. Scott Rowley. "The system turned all 20 targets at the same so we were limited to the type of training we could perform."

Lt. Rowley says they are still able to adequately train officers at the range. He adds that there are some court cases that have mandated using moving target systems as part of a minimal qualifying program.

"If you don't use a moving target type of training, then your firearms training can be determined deficient during a civil suit," explains Lt. Rowley.

They've recently finished the paperwork even though they are one out of many agencies in the state reaching inside a pool of limited funds. The training division applied for $40,000 and is coming from the Governor's Criminal Justice Division.

If they receive the grant, the division is looking to purchase and build a system where it will turn the targets into banks of four.

"It will allow us to create situations where the officers have to think on their feet, evaluate what they're seeing and react to it," Lt. Rowley said.

The division expect to know whether or not they receive the grant between August and September. If they do, it may not be the entire $40, 000. However, they still plan to pursue an appropriate moving target system depending on the funds.
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