Archibald Wins More Votes, Briley Wins More Precincts

Archibald Wins More Votes, Briley Wins More Precincts

Robert Briley won nine of twelve polling locations, but none by a large enough margin to defeat incumbent Mayor Archibald.
With just over one hundred votes separating the outcome of the mayoral race, many were surprised to learn that Robert Briley actually won the majority of the votes from nine of twelve polling locations, however, Mayor Archibald won by 410 votes at the Hillcrest Church of Christ polling location.

"Norm Archibald is from the Hill part of Abilene, works at Hendrick, and used to work for ACU, and just knows a lot of people here" explains ACU Chairman of Political Science, Dr. Neal Coates.

Voter Linda Heard has lived in the Hillcrest area for fifteen years and says that she thinks that the conservative of the feel of the neighborhood lead the majority of people to vote for Archibald.

"I believe that most people are more comfortable with the incumbent than the unknown."

Dr. Coates explains what he thinks is part of the reason for Archibald's re-election. "Mayor Archibald was perceived by at least enough people that he has done a good job and if it isn't broken, don't fix it."

One Briley supporter says that winning nine of twelve polling locations says something about the challenger. "Robert Briley is probably just a little bit more engaged. When you win nine of twelve, we are talking about the whole Abilene community, not just one isolated place up on the Hill" says Bill Enriquez.

Although races are generally thought of as simply one candidate versus another, Dr. Coates explains, "This is more of a referendum on Mayor Archibald than it was perhaps on who should take that job."

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