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Aztec Theater Comes Back to Life

The Aztec theater comes back to life with its "Keeping the lights on" campaign.
The Albany Community
The Albany Community
Aztec Theater
Aztec Theater
The Aztec theater came back to life tonight, thanks to the campaign "Keeping the Lights On".

The Aztec theater has been in restoration since the 1990s and with the community's help they have raised around half a million dollars.

That doesn't include the memberships that the city council started, which raised around forty thousand dollars.

With the money from membership the Aztec theater was able to buy a new digital projector and movie screen.

A movie has not been played in the theater since the mid-70s. Many people from the community came out to either see their first movie in the Aztec theater or relive their childhood memories.

And to celebrate the opening night, the Albany community remembered a hometown war hero; Lieutenant Colonel William Edwin Dyess.

The movie, 4-4-43, is about Lieutenant Colonel Dyess and the war in the Pacific. Dyess' sister, Elizabeth Nell Denman and other family members were present.

The theater is extremely important to the community and locals are happy to have their theater back.
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