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Baker Heights Prepares for the New Year with Inspiring New Classes

Luke Bower from Baker Heights Church of Christ stopped by the KTAB studio to talk to us about some of their new classes for the upcoming new year!
        This is the time of year where a lot of people make their New Years Resolutions. People take a look at their physical life, their financial life and their spiritual life. Baker Heights Church of Christ here in Abilene is hoping that a lot of people will take a look at that and decide what steps they need to take to better their spiritual life, and they want to help them do that. They have a new class starting Sunday mornings called "Discover Baker Heights" that allows people to come and find out what the Church is about. They will also be starting a new sermon series about the after-life. Luke Bower wants to encourage people to come and take a look at the new classes that Baker Heights has to offer.
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