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Benefiting From Low Gas Prices

Most of us rejoice when gas prices are low. But some drivers benefit more than others when they have to pay less at the pump.
Lower gas prices in the Big Country are helping drivers save money, especially those who are on the road for most of the day. The average of gas prices in Abilene sits at $3.09. That's about .03 less than the Texas average, and if the price of crude oil per barrel continues to decrease, we can expect for prices at the pump to do the same.

Volunteers for non-profits like 'Meals on Wheels' benefit greatly when prices at the pump are low. They're responsible for paying to fill up each time they go out to deliver meals. For some, that's multiple times a week and can be up to twelve stops each time. Small business owners who are always on the move are in the same situation. Lower gas prices for them mean more profit and possibly more business.

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