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Big Country Autoharp and Dulcimer Club Holds Workshop

Come out and learn how to play an Autoharp!
        The Big Country Autoharp & Dulcimer Club is sponsoring autoharp workshops January 3rd and 4th with Charles Whitmer as their instructor. Charles Whitmer is a member of the National Autoharp Hall of Fame and has played and taught the autoharp for over 20 years. He's written out music for over 500 songs for the autoharp and is a master teacher. His beginner level class will give students a solid foundation, whether they read music or play by ear. The intermediate level class will focus on improving technique and musicality with more challenging music.
        The Beginner class will be held on January 3rd and the Intermediate class will be held on January 4th. Both classes cost $45 per person and will be from 9:00 am until 3:30 pm at the Central Baptist Church in Abilene. To reserve your place in class or if you have questions you can contact the Big Country Autoharp & Dulcimer Club at BCADClub@gmail.com.
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