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Bonham Elementary School to be Replaced if Bond Elections are Passed

If voters approve the Abilene I.S.D bond elections, Bonham Elementary will be one of three elementary schools to be replaced.
Abilene Independent School District presented an $87.68 million bond proposal after two years of evaluation and collection of data. This bond proposal is one of four proposals around Taylor County. Merkel I.S.D, Trent I.S.D, and Jim Ned C.I.S.D. also have bonds up for approval by the voters.

Abilene I.S.D.'s plans consist of ten different projects, including replacing three of the district's elementary schools. Johnston, Bonham, and Bowie Elementary schools will all be replaced, if the bond elections are passed. Joe Humphrey, Construction Coordinator for A.I.S.D. explains that the layout and design of these elementary schools are very outdated and present safety concerns.

Bonham Elementary was built in 1953, Bowie Elementary was built in 1951, and Johnston Elementary was built in 1957. While the open design was popular decades ago when the schools were constructed, the fact that the classrooms are easily accessible now raises safety concerns.

The full plan for the bond proposal can be found at http://abileneisd.org/Page/10035.
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