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Brave Girls Alliance

Tomorrow, a new organization in Abilene will participate in a national campaign aimed towards young girls and the media.
Young girls and women around the country will embrace their strengths tomorrow, in honor of 'National Day of The Girl'. An organization here in Abilene is apart of a national campaign led by non-profit, 'Brave Girls Alliance'. Its purpose is to help break the image stereotypes directed at teenage girls by the media and entertainers. ACU associate professor of psychology, Jennifer Shewmaker recently started a 'Brave Girls Alliance' chapter in Abilene. Tomorrow, members of the chapter will participate in the campaign based in New York City.
Billboards displaying positive messages towards young girls will be seen in Times Square. Here in Abilene, Shewmaker and other members will take to social media to get the word out about the organization and its purpose. She hopes to generate a response from girls and their parents in the area, and begin a local 'girl power' movement. For anyone interested in joining Abilene's chapter of 'Brave Girls Alliance', Shewmaker can be reached on Twitter. Her handle is @drjennshewmaker.
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