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Brother Searches For Missing Homeless Sibling In Abilene

A Man Travels To Abilene To Spend The Week Searching For His Homeless Brother.
A Houston man has spent the week in Abilene searching for his homeless brother.

William Higgins, the man being searched for, is now 63-years-old. He grew up near Abilene in Baird, TX before joining the military and serving in Veitnam. William's brother says after he returned, William was not the same, mentally. He has been in the streets for about 10 years.

William's brother began his search by visiting facilities like Mission Abilene and Love and Care Ministry. In hopes of finding his loved one, he plans on searching until there is a reunion.

If you have any information on William, please contact Mission Abilene at (325)232-8258.

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