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Brownwood hunters prepare for deer season

Saturday marked the first day of one of the biggest hunting season; deer.
Saturday marked the first day of one of the biggest hunting season; deer.

Hunters were out early this morning getting the perfect deer. One sporting goods store in Brownwood keeps very busy this time of year. Lots of people in the shop buying new guns, ammo, and practice targets. And of course you can't forget your camouflage gear.

Archery and youth deer season started earlier and already ended. Some of the hot items to buy this year are deer grunts, scent control detergent, gloves.

The store Weakley-Watson stocks up for deer season by the first of August. But the one thing they can't seem to get is ammo.

The store is not only busy for deer season. But also turkey and quail which is in season now as well. But items are flying off the shelves fast.
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