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California Woman Runs Across America For Veterans, Stops in Abilene

A California woman is running across the country to raise awareness about veteran suicides.
Anna Judd Runs America Bus
Anna Judd Runs America Bus
Join the Movement
Join the Movement
Anna Judd's Bus
Anna Judd's Bus
One California woman is running across America to raise awareness for the challenges that veterans go through.

Anna Judd started running from Venice Beach, California on March 22, and arrived in Abilene Sunday.

She's running across country to raise money for veterans foundations, such as Wounded Warriors.

Judd researched the topic about some of the challenges veterans face such as, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and the suicide rate which is 22 per day.

Judd will run anywhere between thirty to forty miles a day, but she makes sure to listen to her body on how hard she can push herself.

The biggest challenge for her is the heat here in Texas. Judd said that she is waking up around 2 or 3 in the morning to beat the Texas sun.

Every miles she runs is raising money through a mobile app called charity miles. Corporations donate 25 cents every mile she runs or walks, and so far Judd has ran 1,200 miles.

Judd knows how important raising money is but she also wants to make people aware of the issues. And hopefully get people more active in their community.

Judd will finish in New York at the Freedom Tower. She has loved running through Texas and really loves the southern hospitality. 

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