Car Sales Go Up During Tax Time

Car Sales Go Up During Tax Time

Income Tax brings investments
Steven Mantsch depends on car sales to make his money, and he said that during tax time, sales increase dramatically.

"February 8th, I sold two, and just about every other day I sold three," he said.

He said this is a major reason why he likes this time of year, and at every turn, he says someone had their income tax refund in hand.

"They were bringing their income tax checks in, cash and credit," he said.

Coy Morris lives in Abilene, he and his wife just had a new baby, he said he took his income tax and invested in a larger vehicle. 

"It's the only time of year that anybody gets any type of money, so that way you can take care of the stuff you need to," Morris said. 

This is one of the reasons that Morris looks forward to tax season as well.

"It's a time where your average Joe can have money and pay for something in cash," he said. 

It seems Morris wasn't the only one who bought a vehicle during tax time, Mantsch added that during tax time, he sells a car almost every day of the week.

"Tax time hit, and it was no holds, everyone came with money, and everyone got what they wanted," he said. 

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