Car Sales On The Rise In Abilene

Car Sales On The Rise In Abilene

Key factors causing an increase in sales
Gary Grubbs of Lawrence Hall of Abilene said some key factors are coming into play for increase in sales. 

"Anticipation of some potential oil," he said. "Increase in our economy due to our activity to the West of us."

Seaton Higginbotham of Arrow Ford agreed. 

"The economy is a little bit more robust," he said. "And the oil industry in our area has also helped fuel that increase."

Both dealerships also agree that a trade cycle is just now beginning.

"I think the cycle has become where people are trading in, I think there is a little bit more activity in the trading of vehicles."

Whatever the case may be, the economy is climbing and this "perfect storm" is a good thing for local car sales.

"The business has gone up, from arrow standpoint somewhere around 20 - 25 percent for sure," said Higginbotham, the owner of Arrow Ford.

We've seen, from a regional standpoint, a local standpoint, you know I think people feel really good about Abilene, and about the business and the economy in Abilene," said Grubbs. "We see people stirring more and coming in more and looking at vehicles more."

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