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Child Lures Prevention Series: Seductive Lure

<span style="font-size: x-small;">Tonight, our Child Lures Prevention series focuses on what child saftey expert Ken Wooden calls the seduction lure. </span>
Most abused children are exploited by someone they already know and trust, like a relative, peer or family friend.

We heard from a convicted pedophile to learn how he earned the trust of children and their families only to eventually manipulate that trust. Child molester, Alastair Burton said, "The children I molested were children that I knew. That I got close to."

Alastair Burton stalked his victims while he was babysitting.

"I would play with them, talk to them, do things with them," said Burton.

After gaining their trust, Burton would molest them, and he did it for 24 years.

Burton said, "If they were more friendly, outgoing, willing to talk to me, willing to go with me, do things with me, it makes it easier for me to make them a victim."

Burton was convicted of molesting one child but admits to abusing 8 to 10 more. He's served his time and claims to have been clean for the past 13 years.

Child safety expert Ken Wooden warns kids how to spot the most effective lure out there --affection.

He tells children, "The bathing suit is a safety zone. Nobody ever crosses that, okay?"

He suggests, "Parents need to educate their children about this lure. It has worked for years and has likely claimed millions of victims."

Mr. Wooden says we need to be sure that our children have a basic understanding of personal boundaries, private parts and body ownership. Parents, question the motives of anyone who takes an extreme interest in your child. And let your children know that they can tell you anything and you'll believe them.

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