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Child Lures Prevention Series: The Games Lure

We continue our Child Lures Prevention Series with the Game Lure.
Ken Wooden urges parents to stay positive when talking about personal safety.

Reassure children that playing games and sports is healthy, and most coaches are trustworthy. Encourage children, however, to speak up and tell a parent or trusted adult if anyone touches them inappropriately, makes sexual comments, or asks them to remove clothing.

Children should not agree to be blindfolded, handcuffed, tied up or placed in isolation. Even if it's supposedly part of a game.

When online, be respectful of self and others. Wooden suggests reminding kids to keep their passwords private from other gamers, including friends, and to report griefers, hackers and other offenders to parents and game administrators.

Wooden reminds us that awareness and supervision are key to keeping kids healthy and safe. By learning the Lures used to exploit kids, and teaching the Lures to children and teens, we can help ensure a kinder and safer world for all kids.

Wooden says "Hide the Quarter" and other childhood games can be taken too far.

Teaching your kids these lessons is essential to keeping your family safe said Wooden.
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