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Child Lures Prevention Series: The Name Lure

Tonight's feature on our Child Lures Prevention Series takes a look at "The Name Lure".
In our continuing child lures prevention series we look at how predators use a child's name to earn their trust and lure them in. Some well-meaning parents visibly label children's belongings, allowing anyone to call the child by name.

Investigative reporter Ken Wooden shows us how easily a youngster's trust can be earned by simply using a Name Lure.

Ted Bundy was one of the most famous serial killers in U.S. history. He killed dozens of girls and young women.

One thing he was known for according to Wooden was that he used the "name recognition lure" to kidnap and kill his victims.

This lure worked on his last victim, Kimberly Leach. The scenario is played out below.

She (Kim) came out of the gym with her name on the back of her gym shirt. She Was just voted miss valentine. She was so excited to call her mom. And there he was, parked in a white van.

"Hello, my name is Richard Burton, fire department. 'Kim, Kim,
Your house is on fire.'" said Ted Bundy.

Then she was gone. She had 45 minutes to live.

"Think this lure won't work 20 years later? Think again." Wooden said.

Wooden shows how easy this lure can be by demonstrating it.

"How are you doing George? I need to ask you a question or two. Just come over
here. Everything's cool."

A 15-year-old quickly follows Wooden's instructions and crosses the street. He's never met Ken before.

Wooden says predators use a person's name like an icebreaker... Putting people at

"It gives the predator a chance to be engaging. It gives the con artist a chance to
soften his words and we all like to hear our name." said Wooden.

Wooden then added it can "short circuit your human instinct, in a second. And all they need is a second. Then they grab you... And boom."

If names are necessary on belongings, consider placing them in hidden spots or using initials or symbols instead.
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