City of Abilene Soon to Crack Down on Tall Grass

City of Abilene Soon to Crack Down on Tall Grass

Next week begins "Zero Tolerance" week and property owners may face fines from the City of Abilene if their grass exceeds a foot tall.
Summer rain is always welcome in West Texas, but of course it's never guaranteed. However, recent showers are keeping local landscapers busy.

"We have doubled in the lawn maintenance and we have increased big time in landscaping," explains BJ Mankin of Mankin and Sons Gardens. "That increase in sales is just over the past calendar year, too. It has been a busy summer, than the last two seasons," explains Mankin.

Tomas Vargas has been working for his father's lawn service company all summer and says he is much busier this summer than the last one. "Yeah, this summer, there has been a lot more rain," says Vargas.

The rain is welcomed, but Abilenians will have to dust off their mowers before next week to avoid fines from the city. The citations can be up to $500 dollars depending on the situation.

For more information on code compliance regarding grass and weeds, click here.
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