Coffee Club: Addicted to Being Busy?

Coffee Club: Addicted to Being Busy?

It may sound strange, but some people aren't happy unless their schedule is booked up, and they're constantly checking tasks off a to-do list.
So many of us are overbooked, running from appointment to appointment, and it turns out that for some people, there is a biological need - an addiction --to being busy.

Inc. Magazine takes a look at the consequence of taking on too much.

Experts are quoted as saying, that in its most simple form, having a full schedule feels good and flatters our egos.
But in its most dangerous form, it is an uncontrolled urge to be in a state of constant business--a need to get stuff done.

Inc. reports it creates what some call a "builders high," the jolt of energy we get from creating or accomplishing something. Similar to other addictions, like to alcohol, the person may keep needing a bigger and bigger dose to keep them satisfied.

And that is where the danger comes in when we're talking about any addiction, that it can start small but snowball out of control. Certainly something we should all be aware of, especially as all of our schedules fill up.

Can you relate? Or do you know someone like this? Share your thoughts here!

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