Coffee Club: Are Libraries Obsolete?

Coffee Club: Are Libraries Obsolete?

It seems like visiting the library is an activity long forgotten in the digital age. But we want to know if you still check out books the old fashioned way.
A Pew Research study finds that despite all of the technology available at our fingertips -- about half of all Americans ages 16 and older had used a public library in the last year.

The study found the more technology a person has, such as a laptop computer, smart phone or e-reader, the more likely that person is to patronize a library.

While 28% of adults 18-and older are reading e-books, only 4% have abandoned print books entirely.

Many libraries have broadened their offerings to include new technologies and formats as well as hosting events and classes.

Do you still visit the library? Share your thoughts here for a chance to be featured on Abilene Midday at 11:30!
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